• child with severe impetigo
    child with severe impetigo
    Impetigo is a pretty common skin disorder that is caused by streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria.
    • Also cause by MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staph Aureus)
    • It is most commonly found in young children; especially children living in poor conditions
  • It is a contagious bacteria and you can get it from the ooze the blisters create if it comes in contact with an open skin area.

  • Single or multiple blisters filled with pus; easy to pop.
    • Itching blister
      • Filled with yellow or honey-colored fluid
      • Ooze and begin to get crusty.
  • May appear as a rash that can spread, skin lesions, and there will also be swollen lymph nodes near the infection. (lymphadenopathy)
itching blister with honey-colored fluid
itching blister with honey-colored fluid

  • A mild infection can be treated with a prescribed antibacterial cream.
  • Severe cases may need antibiotics, ingested orally.
  • You can also wash it lightly several times a day with an antibacterial soap to remove crust and drainage.

  • Kidney failure (post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis) (rare).Permanent skin damage and scarring (very rare).
    minor case of impetigo
    minor case of impetigo
  • Many patches of impetigo (in children).
  • Often spreads to other parts of the body (common).


  • If you have impetigo, use a clean wash cloth and towel each time you shower.
  • Don't share personal products with anyone.
  • Avoid touching the lesions as much as possible because it is contagious; if contact occurs make sure to wash hands thoroughly