Measles & Rubella


What are measles?
  • contagious virus disease
  • also called rubeola
  • paramyxovirus
  • most dangerous in children

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What are the syptoms?
  • fever of up to 104F
  • coughing
  • red eyes
  • sore throat
  • Koplik's spots in mouth
  • rash appears all over the body
    • 3-5 after initial symtomsexternal image measles.jpg
    • lasts 3-6 days

How do you get infected?
  • being in the same room
  • breathe in the tiny droplets that have the measles virus
  • direct contact with infected fluids:cvfb.jpg
    • from nose or mouth

How they are prevented?
  1. Get vaccinated at the proper age
  2. no direct contact with infected
  3. take the procautions

Rubella-3.pngand Rubella...?
- also called German measles- less severe form of measles- last for less time-same symptoms, ways of getting it, and prevention as measles

external image 2B9C8168-B3CE-BAE0-C4D29D58E9A9A12E_1.jpgafdgadfgadfg.jpg- MMR Vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)-2 doses (1st-12/15 months 2nd-4 weeks later or 4/6 years old)